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Christ the Wall Hermitages ...has not only a unique name, but a unique purpose. It seeks to assist victims of clergy sexual abuse and institutional abuse. The betrayal that is experienced can shatter one's faith and one's life perspective. The concept or image of Christ as Wall has developed and become an expression of my own unique spirituality. Having been abused by a priest and the institution of the Catholic Church, I hope my experience can be beneficial to others. I wish to extend my understanding of Christ as Protector to those who long to experience healing, strength and empowerment in their lives: "Transforming Victims into Victors!"

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El autor :Keri Burnor
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Isbn 10 :099768951X
Isbn 13 :978-0997689518
Publicado por :22 de marzo de 2019
Idioma :Inglés
Una serie de Divine Challenge: The Clergy Sex Abuse of a Hermit-Nun and Its Fifteen-Year Cover-Up:Divine Challenge